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01 SL01 Orientation-the elementary school leader as enabler
02 SL02_Managing_and_developing_self-managing_and_developing_yourself
03 SL03 Perspective on leadership-planning and leading change in your school
04 SL04 Transforming teaching-learning process-leading improvements in teaching and learning in the elementary school
05 SL05 Transforming teaching-learning process-leading improvements in teaching and learning in the secondary school
06 SL06 Transforming teaching-learning process-leading assessment in your school
07 SL07 Transforming teaching-learning process-supporting teachers to raise performance
08 SL08 Transforming teaching-learning process-leading teachers’ professional development
09 SL09 Transforming teaching-learning process-mentoring and coaching
10 SL10 Perspective on leadership-using data on diversity to improve your school
11 SL11 Perspective on leadership-building a shared vision for your school
12 SL12 Transforming teaching-learning process-developing an effective learning culture in your school
13 SL13 Transforming teaching-learning process-promoting inclusion in your school
14 SL14 Perspective on leadership-leading the school’s self-review
15 SL15 Perspective on leadership-leading the school development plan
16 SL16 Transforming teaching-learning process-managing resources for effective student learning
17 SL17 Perspective on leadership-implementing change in your school
18 SL18 Orientation-the secondary school leader as enabler
19 SL19 Leading partnerships-engaging with parents and the wider school community
20 SL20 Transforming teaching-learning process-leading the use of technology in your school

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