Name & Designation of the Officer

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1 H.N.Gopalakrishna, Director, DSERT
2 N. Kenchegowda, Joint Director (i/c) , DSERT
3 N. Kenchegowda , Deputy Director, Teachers Education
4 Anita V Nazare, Deputy Director, SIS and ETCell
5 Hanumanaik , SADPI, TALP
6 Manjunath R, SADPI, TE Cell
7 Bhanumathi , SADPI, EQMC
8 Angeline Christina, SADPI, DIET/CTE
9 Vimala K V, SADPI, State Education Evaluation Unit
10 Geetha K.G., SADPI, Educational Vocational Guidance
11 Sridhara A, SADPI, SSA & National Population Education Policy
12 Vacant, SADPI, Physical Education
13 Dr.Krishnamurthy M V, SADPI, NTSE,NMMS,Nali-kali
14 Rangadhamappa C , SADPI, DEd, DPEd
15 Dakshayanamma.M.N, SADPI, Tele Edn,
16 Girija, SADPI, EDUSAT,ICT-3
17 Bylanjanappa, SADPI, SIS
18 Usha M D, SADPI, RMSA
19 Vacant, Accounts officer
20 Vacant ADPI, Establishment
21 Suresh, ADPI, ICT

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